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The Tanri of Lorinlora Empty The Tanri of Lorinlora

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On Lorinlora live more than just Aceda, there live many other organisms, some dangerous, some harmless, some aggresive, some... unimaginable. We call these other organisms Tanri. And it is predicted that we, the Aceda, only know of 10% of all the Tanri that live on Lorinlora. As such our categories of Tanri continue to grow as they are discovered. There are the Wu-Tanri, the Rik Tanri, the Sen Tanri, and the Tir Tanri. Below they are listed with a few species that fall into each category.

Wu Tanri

These are harmless Tanri that mind themselves and ignore other organisms. They focus only on avoiding threats and surviving peacefully. They are also the most puzzling of Tanri as they all have their own unique characteristics and behaviours most ignorable others notable and preferably avoided.


These Tanri usually live in high places, perhaps high up in a tree, but scavenge on the ground. They have four arms, and their sense of hearing is quite powerful. They have the strange ability to get back up even if dealt fatal wounds. They seem to be immortal but never hold grudges against their attackers. Their lifespan is amazingly short, however and they reproduce and create over 20 offspring every month.


These Tanri are in fact civilized and have their own intelligence and thoughts. They are very friendly but small in population, their population size does not ever grow as one Drekan only has the ability to produce a single offspring. They reproduce a-sexually and have no genders due to this. If they were to come upon a weary Aceda they would in fact not hesitate to aid them. In return Aceda protect their species by preventing any of them from becoming prey to other Tanri which would permanently decrease their population. They give to us studies of the environment that the Aceda would not normally be able to make themselves and the Aceda are grateful to them for all that they do. In the future it is hoped that an offspring will have a mutation that allows it to produce more than one offspring in it's life and thus allow the population to grow.

Rik Tanri

These are Tanri that were once Aceda. Trapped in Streta irradiated lands and transformed into beings that resent that which they once were.

Requin (Fallen Child)

These Rik Tanri have abnormal powers such as the ability to command Tir Tanri and other powers that one could only define as "supernatural". These Tanri have power that rival even the Ud Gevas of the Aceda. They are dangerous but have no intention to make an enemy out of the Aceda. They attack us only if provoked but otherwise keep a distance from Aceda. Their bodies were forced to permanently take on a mutated form of an Aceda's original form. They can appear in all forms but they all share the black metal skin that they had always had since birth. They organize in groups and can pass through the barrier that separates Lorinlora and Hekariana at will. They spend a little more of their lives in Hekariana than in Lorinlora. Lately they have been reported attacking Aceda unprovoked, why this is occurring is unknown but they are being treated as more serious a threat than in previous times.

Olinien (Predators of prey and other predators)

These Rik Tanri are the purified form of the hunter that lives within those Aceda who have practiced how to use only their physical abilities and their senses to take down prey. Having been trapped in Streta rich lands and being forced to survive they are forced to constantly hunt and survive in an environment teaming with streta enhanced Tanri trying to kill them. Over many years these Rik Tanri lose all their instincts but to hunt, feed, and survive. Their sanity is destroyed and their physical abilities are strengthened over the years through constant survival. They learn tactics to hunt more effectively and become potentially perfect hunters, able to outsmart, outmaneuver, and even overpower their prey. They are only found in the streta rich lands they were trapped within, thus study of them must be done by the Indrisenten themselves who are immune to the mutinigenic effects of high levels of streta radiation. So far the Olinien have not even attempted to hunt such overwhelming beings, it was said though that an Olinien has been found near a small town populated by Aceda of at most Gevas. (This has Diaveras greatly concerned.)

Hinjya (Lonely child)

The Hinjya are Tanri that were once Aceda children. They were taken from their parents by Tinrisa as they were out in lands they should not have been in. The child's fear and desire for their parents to save them can reach great enough limits that their powers are prematurely released and destroy the Tinrisa that has kidnapped them. They become traumatized due to the overwhelming and unstable power and lose their minds as they transform into Hinjya. As a Hinjya they begin to search... for their parents. But they no longer know who their parents are and kill any who try to pose as them. They never stop searching for the parental figures that no longer exist for them until the day they die. Hinjya that have come to meet the Aceda that were once their parents have killed them without hesitation. Thus there is no way to fix their minds. It is horrible but the only fate left for Hinjya is death. Be it by nature or by the hands of an Aceda.

Tislie (Astral hounds)

This is a strange mutation in Aceda due to over exposure to streta radiation. They take on the form of a massive four legged creature, comparable only to hounds. It's strength, stamina, and endurance are shocking and test the persistence of any Gevas. They also have the power to bring down meteors from anywhere in space as well as solar flares from stars. When one dies their bodies compress and form a small black hole that closes in on itself a minute after forming but must be noted and properly prepared for.

Sen Tanri

These Tanri are strange in form. Appearing atleast half Aceda and half something else. Though they may have Aceda bodies they were born as Tanri.

Tinrisa (Those who call and manipulate)

Their bodies completely resemble that of an Aceda's. However these Tanri are unfriendly, illusionary creatures. It has been discovered that their natural enemy are Requin. These Tanri have a hypnotic voice that can easily control the weak minded as they take on the form of an Aceda of infinite beauty as would be comprehended by their victim. They draw Aceda in and gather them together. (Their purpose of doing so is as of yet unknown as is their ultimate goal but all evidence found points to their victims becoming sacrifices for some unknown being, assumedly an entity in Hekariana, or to create something from them. Sages believe they may be sacrificing Aceda to create Orphans. Once their victims are sacrificed they hibernate for a time to restore their power and repeat the process. (Only a handful of Aceda have become victims to Tinrisa, which is fortunate, however a handful is more than too many in Diaveras' eyes.)

Tir Tanri

These are simply aggressive Tanri.

Yos Tanri

Tanri that live within the vast oceans of Lorinlora. This group of Tanri has the largest of species that live on Lorinlora.

Tanri that take the forms of leviathans.

The Orphans

The Orphans are not a class of Tanri they are in no way Tanri at all. They are the most powerful threat to the Aceda that lives on our own planet. Beings wielding power that rivals even that of the Indrisenten. These beings are designated Orphans because they have no organisms that they can be called the offspring of. Orphans are created through a phenomenon where Aceda souls that are in between death and life gather and become one, gaining their own physical bodies and their own strength as defined by the number of souls that came together. They retain their own powers one Orphan had the ability to duplicate reality and trap it's enemies in the duplicated reality which is separated from the original dimension of reality. One Orphan had the ability to erupt a pool of Streta, which nearly wiped out half a continent. Full details are unknown but theories suggest the Orphans are organized under a leader with the ability to predict the future.

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