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Orbital fight: (Open) Empty Orbital fight: (Open)

Post  Diaveras on Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:50 pm

Just above the atmosphere of a planet a fierce battle between fleets is taking place. If there are only two fleets is hard to determine as the dust and smoke in the area seems to converge in places and disperse in others.

"We need an equation to erect a barrier fast!" A small creature no taller than four feet is standing at command of a frigate. "Decelerate immediately as well. Get any of the other ships to initate equations to pull in nearby comets to hit the enemy ships. Another creature similar to the commanding one attempts to enter the room but is soon engulfed in flame as part of the wall nearby tears off and collides with the wall opposite to it, catching the creature in between and forcing that hall to be sealed off. "Hurry and get a connection to the ship we lost the exit/entrance to the bridge." Another crash and the ship goes dark. "What's happening out there?!" Outside the ship three frigate class ships are seen concentrating on the one ship. The ship is quickly torn apart by their combined fire but one of the three ships is soon engulfed in a mass of energy, when the energy clears the ship can be seen in a molten state, a similar mass of energy soon engulfs the second ship reducing it to the same state as the first. The final frigate class ship vanishes through a portal, from the other side of which three more frigate appear and concentrate fire on the source of the masses of energy, the dust disguising the source is cleared and a large number of dreadnoughts similar to the one previously attacked by the three frigates from before are now visible, this is the main portion of the fleet, the three new frigates are swiftly destroyed by the fleet as the portal closes behind them.

"This is commander Odosamekarya to all ships, the enemy is employing a travel method we are unfamiliar with and are using the surrounding masses of dust as cover, Initiate the Fomrey formula in sectors bens, fike, lone, and jeyr." Soon after this command is given four black holes appear in a circular formation around the fleet, drawing in the dust and beginning to reveal ships similar to the previously seen frigates. "Fire on all visible ships immediately!" Masses of energy and launched by the dreadnoughts but vanish into portals, reappearing from other positions nearby, but now redirected towards the dreadnoughts. "Barrier Formulas immediately!" Most of the ships are seen raising barriers while the remainder are decimated, five of the dreadnoughts are destroyed and the previously revealed frigates have vanished back into the remaining dust. The black holes seem to vanish. "They've stopped us from clearing the dust!"
Another small creature raises it's voice. "Sir we are already restarting the prior preparation process for the Fomrey formula. At this rate we will be ready to open another set of black holes in [fifteen minutes]!"
"We may not last that long!"

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