The Slums of Omega

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The Slums of Omega Empty The Slums of Omega

Post  Diaveras on Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:01 pm

The station Omega, one would look around and simply feel like they were covered in dirt. The station was less than averagely well kept but the atmosphere of the place is what made it seem the most unclean. below in the slums this feeling is most abundant and one almost chokes on it as they walk through.

An individual walks through the hallways that are the slums, seeing many species about scavenging and salvaging broken technology. Some scavengers could be seen crowding around a particular area, they were attempting to take the most in tact piece of technology in the area but when any of them tried to get near it they were repelled by high voltage shocks. the individual that was previously mentioned took notice and moved over to the area. He was stopped by one of the scavengers which stood over him. "you won't be able to get it, it stops everyone from even getting close much less touch it." The individual ignored the scavenger and moved to walk past him. The scavenger lifted an arm to block him but the being's body moved around the arm like a phantom. The scavenger looked back to see the creature grasp the box by the handle and lift it up without being shocked.
The individual held the box in front of his face and examined it. The black box from the spy vessel sent near that colony the Aceda were creating. That damned captain defied orders and it seems he died as he would have had he returned home to receive punishment. the being thought to itself as the scavengers circled around him. They somehow decided he had removed the system that had defended it and tried to take it from him. However as they did the box released a large amount of electricity in the air and disabled all the scavengers. The being, acting as if he hadn't noticed, lowers his arm and carries the box away from the area, returning to his ship and leaving Omega.

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