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Harmony's governmet Empty Harmony's governmet

Post  Diaveras on Thu May 19, 2011 1:17 pm

Established by three species in the beginning then expanded to other species that were willing to join. The government takes responsibility for the species living across the galaxy. This is their founding principle upon which they based all diplomatic establishment and expansion. The highest authority group of this government are known as the Council. The Council handles all decisions that affect every species in the galaxy. They believe themselves the responsible individuals that must guide the galaxy towards unity. this, of course, is partly true. The council may seem to have a just cause but they are in fact a high level of threat to the galaxy. The Council conflicts greatly with The Immortals as a group, believing that the their responsibilities end with raising the individual species of the galaxy and that the responsibility of unity belongs to the individual species themselves. This can seem correct from the right perspectives but in others the individual species themselves do not have the ability to bring each other together. From an Immortal's perspective identifying yourself as a separate species is the basis for conflict between all, the Immortals recognize each other as the same, regardless of age or strength. The lifeforms of the Council still call each other different species and this, to Immortals, shows that unity is still weak at the base. The Council does not enjoy when an Immortal enters their space and steps foot on Harmony for the purpose of speaking to them. They do not allow them to have influence upon their decisions and thus have allowed only species with a moderate faith in their Immortals to become part of Harmony.

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