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Immortal Name: Diaveras

First Name: Riorerek

Age: Estimated 1 1/2 trillion years.

Species: Aceda

Appearance: Rio has multiple different forms aside from the standard Aceda human and normal forms. he has two more forms that he can take and these forms specialize in his different abilities.

Human form: He stands at a height of 5'7" and weighs about 130 pounds. He has straight brown hair of different shades and blue eyes with irises that glow lightly. He wears a black jacket with a white shirt underneath and black jeans. He may not look too threatening but he is powerful in this form.

Normal form: As is with all Aceda his normal form has the base look of a dragon with black metal like skin but unlike most Aceda he has six wings on his back rather than two as this trait could not be passed on to the other Aceda. In this form he still has balance across his abilities but they are now stronger.

Purification Form: He takes the appearance of a young human child. His hair is black, his eyes however are still the same blue from his normal form. He now wears a white ceremonial robe that reaches down to his ankles and underneath white shirt but blue jeans. In this form his ability to create powerful seals is greatly enhanced and he can seal away most forces with it. He can purify organisms of infections and repair their damage.

Immortal form: In this form Diaveras's abilities are enhanced massively and he unlocks a few abilities that normally remain sealed. First is his ability to manipulate light and space. Second his sealing abilities are enhanced to the level they are when in his purification form. In this form he is at his most powerful and can truly be called an Immortal with the strength of one.

I.A: Primras, Muhiras

I.E: None

I.N: 101

Likes: Seeing prosperity, unity, cooperation, harmony, and tranquility. He enjoys the beauty of the physical universe around himself and the beauty he can find within each living thing within. He enjoys the responsibility of being a father especially with his direct family.

Dislikes: War, conflict, separation, anger, noise. He wants everyone to be able to work together and dislikes when it seems impossible to do so.

Personality; Rio can act differently in different situations. It is hard to describe all his personalities.

Goals: Rio hopes to make a strong alliance with the Mimorvadon, hoping to even form mixed Mimorvadon and Aceda schools where they can be taught of each other and taught to exist with each other. Rio also wants the current generation of Indrisenten children to surpass the active generation as he does every generation. Rio wants to find where his son has gone and convince him to return home. to see his youngest daughter grow up to be a beautiful and majestic Aceda that can lead the species toward brighter and brighter futures. To see Kiny achieve her personal goals and for her to be happy. To live on with Sanne as the mother and father of the Aceda species. To end the burden that is Resderay and the Ucida and live peacefully in the universe.

Personal History: Rio was created in an empty universe. Empty as in there was no life within it. Upon gaining sentience he started to look through the universe for other life. He searched for many thousands of years only to find nothing. He became lonely and at some point started to go mad. This was when he was granted the knowledge to create another being. Immediately he did so and removed a small fragment of his soul. This fragment gained a physical body and became sentient, this new being looked at Rio and attacked him. The two beings fought for years until eventually Rio escaped him and ran, knowing not where to go. He eluded the other being for another millennium, by this time he was almost lost to loneliness again and accidentally split off another part of his soul and made another being. This one was strange it took his form at first but then started to change to a new form. He would later identify this form to be that of the species known as humans. This new being did not try to kill him, rather, it embraced him and relied on him for survival. When the being that tried to kill him found him again the three fought and Rio and the younger being, named Sanne, defeated the hostile being which was later erased. The universe they were in was ripped apart by the battle and Rio and Sanne were taken out of it to the universe they exist in now. Rio and Sanne are currently known as the Cerenca of the Aceda species and both watch over it.

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