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Post  Diaveras on Mon May 16, 2011 4:40 pm

This profile must be approve with your species profile before you may RP.

Immortal Name: (The name they use when meeting with other immortals, it also acts as their last name on their home world. All immortal names end in -ras. Ex: Diaveras, Lidras, Primras.)

First name: (The name you go by when interacting with anyone other than another immortal.

Age: (Using the period of years from your home planet and the year of the reference planet [Earth])

Species: (What species do you have responsibility over?)

Appearance: (What do you look like? Describe it or insert a picture.)

I.A (Immortal ally): (Which immortal[s] [If any] can you consider your friend?)

I.E (Immortal enemy): (Easy to understand.)

I.N (Immortal number): (In what chronological order was your Immortal made?)

Likes: (Self explanatory)

Dislikes: (Self explanatory)

Personality: (What does your immortal act like?)

Personal history: (Information on your Immortal's background. What happened to them between being made and creating their species? [Note: There is a waiting period of a few milennia between being created and creating a species for every Immortal.])

Immortals are very powerful beings that created their own species. Each species has only one Immortal and vice versa. Note about I.N: Immortals have a number to record which order each Immortal was made. This number has no effect and is only stated in meetings with other Immortals. Your number must be below 100. Immortals are not allowed to participate in battles except against other immortals. Immortals must take care of their species or they will be erased by the higher power that created them.

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