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Post  Hatta on Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:11 pm

Species Identification: Magnil (Magnilean)

Species age: 50,000 years

Technology level: 6

Home planet: Felucia

Government: Monarchy 

Unity: Yes

Population size: 7 billion 


Foreign Relations: 

Military presence: 15% (Roughly 470 million)


Species average lifespan: 80-100, 200-350

Representatives(Applicable only to unified species): F.A.O, The Foreign Affair Org.

Religion(Optional): T'shal - Much like the Bhuddist religion where the goal is Unity. Many Gods are worshipped in this religion. 

State of Home world: Stable

Culture(Optional): Though being physically strong and quick witted the Magnil peoples are more or less a pacifist race. They are this way due to their spirituality and their king, there immortal king Zaras. The people as a whole live simply and do not need much to satisfy their needs. Felucia also has many natural resources so they need not for conquest as the planet tends to replenish it's natural supplies. They're are rich and poor however religious leaders do not profit off of it but rather receive donations from the government and anyone willing to donate. The king also acts as the religious leader since his 3rd eye has been awoken the longest. Though it has a large military it is only for defense and loyalty. Though pacifist they have their own fighting style to help defend themselves. On the subject of sex the species all must be loved and they use sex for more of pleasure than anything else. Though the species has a certain time of the year where their bodies become fertile and "in heat". Thanks to their planetary resources being high and them being a rather smart people they technology advanced but thanks to their spirituality they are humble people rather destructive and all efforts in science go to communal cause such as better transportation and medical advances and such. 

Unique characteristics(Optional): Much more physically stronger than a human. Has the ability to eat food or at least absorb it's nutrients by touch(naturally controllable). Quick learners. The third eye has the ability to see noises and smells as well as see in the dark. 

Appearance of species: The Magnil are a humanoid like people, though they have various differences. For instance they have 4 arms and 2 legs. Skin color though varies from region of the planet to the next, Though the capital country national skin is a golden tan. Their faces have the basic human look though older Magnils develop  a third eye on their forehead. growing the 3rd eye represents the day one may become an elder or according to their spirituality "Have become awakened from the lies of life." Young Mangils also rarely develop their own third eye though it is rare and it is said to be a blessing when it happens. Also not every Mangil grows a third eye which is why they are blessings. Even they are humanoid the lack intestines but instead their whole bodies act as an absorber of food, so essentially do not need their mouths to eat but do so as a commodity. They instead of being carbon based creatures such as the ones on Earth are calcium based. Due to being Calcium based have much sturdier bodies, as in their bones are harder to break and a punch from one is much stronger. Ah they do have hair much like humans though, but the colors vary and could be pretty much anything. They also have a human like reproductive system but the men have more control over their seed, their bodies have a certain season when they are fertile rather than all the time. Also their bodies let them know when it is mating seasons by a series of body expels(I.e. They will sweat much more heavily to release hormones to attract a mate). They age just like humans though they physically age slower than humans. 

Solar system: (What do you call the solar system in which you live? This is optional but helpful.)


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