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Post  Diaveras on Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:02 am

Organ systems: Hindo system, nervous system, skeletal system, muscular system, leron system, reproductive system.

Hindo system: this I the series of organs the produce the bio energy of the Aceda and distributes it across the body. There are three identical major organs in this system, the Vir. These organs are near each other but are not connected in any way. Within these are what can only be described as cores, in here atoms are constantly going through fusion and fission launching off the cores and bouncing off the actual Vir containing it. The vir reflects these atoms but absorb the energy they absorbed during fission. The atoms then collide with the cores again and go through fusion, while causing other atoms to go through fission. The energy is absorbed by the Vir but eventually (when Aceda come of age) the excess energy starts pouring out through a series of cells similar in nature to brain cells and gets distributed throughout the body. This pouring is quite rapid and violent, overflowing in the body and putting high levels of stress until it is expended and stabilized properly.

Leron system: This is a series of nerves that wrap around the distributing cells of the Hindo system in Aceda. This system links the Hindo system's end points to the brain and serves the purpose of transmitting signals from the brain directly to the end points of the Hindo system to allow control of the released bio energy. This is what allows Aceda to manipulate plasma and gravity. During the moment where the Hindo system overflows the Leron system is heavily stressed and can be burned up and become useless if not taken care of. However if the Aceda prevents this from happening the damage the Leron system takes causes it to heal and strengthen accelerating the transmission speed of signals by at least 100%. However it is possible to accelerate even further and thus even strengthening the Aceda by allowing them higher levels of control over their abilities, when this occurs most often Aceda become Gevas or Ud Gevas. In the case of the Indrisenten the accelerations increases transmission speed by 500% in the case of the Indrigandan it is 600%. For the children of the Diaveras family the increase is 2000% and gradually grows until the speed has increased by 7000%. There are still unknown genetic factors that may be contributing to the amount of increase but it is still under study and currently nothing more than a hypothesis.

Fluctuation: This is a natural occurence in Aceda with stable Hindo systems. Routinely the Hindo system will start to "fluctuate" and some bio energy will escape into the rest of the body but take on a different form, taking on strange properties and affecting the Aceda. There is wide range of affects this results from small nearly unnoticable changes in personality to a temporary full reconstruction of the Aceda's outer appearance. Adults could suddenly turn into children (a strictly physical change) or calm Aceda could suddenly become energetic. The only indicator that an Aceda is about to begin fluctuation is physical, the eye color of the Aceda will change to the non inheritable color of yellow. This is due to the modified bio energy escaping into the iris. The eye color will only change back to regular after the fluctuation period has already ended.

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