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Post  Metalord on Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:24 pm

A Slightly Damage Scru'atus Ship Docks at a large building. A Mimorvadon captain requests to see the counsel. after an hour, his request has been granted.the counsel chamber is a large round building. inside,on three immensely large seats, sits the holograms of the three Decurions. under each chair spread evenly, sits forty-five Mimorvadon, the minor counsel. In the center of this building, a raised platform rests. As soon as the captain stands in the center, one of the holograms speak to him.

"Greetings, Captain Tonlie'gree. please speak the reasons of your summoning." Tonlie'gree speaks. "I have come home, bringing news of an adventure. here, we have met not one, but two species whom have discovered space flight!"
"yes, we have heard of this tail from the communications you sent us. please, tell us more of these two species." Tonlie'gree relays them the events that transpired with the Aceda. "I see. so, Blatantly, You have made an enemy to Our species without the counsels knowing! if your stories are true, then we have little hope of defeating these, Ucida!"
"that is not true, for we have an advantages. we may be able to procure an alliance with these Aceda."
"That is not the point, Tonlie'gree. we have no idea if they ever possessed a threat to our Species as a whole! you may have very well endangered our species!
"yes sir, but they were violent to the Aceda, threatening to destroy a colony....we had to protect them to the best of our abilities."
"though I understand your concerns, Tonlie'gree, you had no right to attack them without the counsels permission. Several soldiers died and once more, you failed to fallow protocol of destroying your ship once enemies boarded it. you are stripped of your rank and no longer allowed to fly. but we still have need of you! we didn't wish to make an enemy but as you have, we need to know as much about these Ucida as possible. it shall be your duty to provide as much information to our Researchers as possible. You shall also lead the ceremonies commemorating the Mimorvadon that died under your command. now go to complete your new duties." Tonlie'gree walk slowly out, and the counsel begins discussion.
"Counsel, we shall have a vote now. first, shall we send the Emperor to propose alliance with these, Aceda?" the vote has been passed and, unanimously, the counsel has agreed for an alliance. "alright, as the Decurion Of Research And Technology, I purpose we send a research team to study the corpses and "cores" to see if we can find any useful information." The Fifteen Mimorvadon under The Hologram vote, and the action is passed "alright, I shall send a research team to study them. and I shall also contact the Emperor to make ready The Imperator's Hand to meet the Aceda leader." after a brief pause, the holograms disappear. the discussion ends.

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