Exploration: Masre Star System

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Exploration: Masre Star System Empty Exploration: Masre Star System

Post  Diaveras on Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:43 pm

OOC: Firehazard I invite you to take part in this story in any way you wish. Metalord do not take part in this story also it shall take place after the events of Colonization: Obras.

"Captain's log: Date: Enten Omin Miya. My crew and I have been sent to explore the star system designated, Masre, by Overlord Dama. We have transported our ship to a neighboring star system and have begun the long trip between the two just days ago. We should arrive in a few hours within the unexplored star system and begin our survey. We do not know what to expect but in the case that the new enemy, the Ucida happen to be within the system we have been escorted thus far by three war ships. the warships are on standby in the previous star system and are prepared to portal to our location if we are attacked. I hope that they are not needed. Log entry end"

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