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Species Registration Template Empty Species Registration Template

Post  Diaveras on Sun May 15, 2011 3:25 pm

Species profile template


Species Identification: (What you call your species)

Species age: (How long your species has existed)

Technology level: (Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, this determines how far you can travel from your home world or how close you are to achieving space travel) (Species not unified cannot exceed level 4,)

Home planet: (What do you call your home planet?)

Government: (What type of government do you have? Democracy? Monarchy? Dictatorship? Etc?)

Unity: (Have all nations on your planet been unified?)

Population size: (An estimation of how large your species is.)

Planets: (How many planets have your species colonized and occupied?)

Foreign Relations: (Does your species have an ally species? Any enemies? If either or both who are they?)

Military presence: (How much of the population is part of the military?)


Species average lifespan: (How long can an individual of your species be expected to live using your home planet's average year and the average year of the reference planet [Earth])

Representatives(Applicable only to unified species): (What is the name of the nation/country/organization that handles all extra terrestrial relations and transactions.)

Religion(Optional): (What is the most widely followed belief of your species like?)

State of Home world: (Is your home world itself stable? Are there any environmental issues? Is/are the star/stars your home world orbits around close to going supernova? Are there any other issues that are worth noting about your planet? Or is there nothing wrong with your home world at all?)

Culture(Optional): (This should be self explanatory.)

Unique characteristics(Optional): (Is there anything about your species that is not found in any other known species?)

Appearance of species: (What does your species generally look like? You may describe it or put in picture in this spot. If neither can be done you may leave this space empty until you have figured something out.)

Solar system: (What do you call the solar system in which you live? This is optional but helpful.)

The tech level will determine a few capabilities of your species. First it will determine how far from your home world you can travel. It will also determine the strength of your military and help you understand what kind of tech you can have.

Tech level 1: Primitive species still trying to get past the stage of beating each other to death with blunt objects. (This and the next two tech levels are mainly for secondary species of a user for story purposes.)
Tech level 2: Low tech level still developing vehicles that can leave their planet's atmosphere.
Tech Level 3: Able to reach their planet's satellite (A.K.A its moon)
Tech level 4: Have reached the stage where they can travel to any point in their solar system.
Tech Level 5: Achieved fast travel methods that allow you to travel to anywhere in the cluster of solar systems around you.
Tech level 6: Achieved faster than light travel (FTL travel) and can travel anywhere in the galaxy.

One user can have up to three active species at a time. Your primary species will always be tech level 6 and it must be well developed and something you can feel good about. Secondary species can be 4-6 however you want, (They could be absolutely crazy or just plain weird if you want.) the third species must be from level 1-5

This and the immortal template are the most important when making a species. Both profiles must be approved by the administrator before you can begin RPing with the species and the Immortal.

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