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Post  Diaveras on Tue May 17, 2011 1:37 pm

Within the capitol of all Lorinlora did his home exist. A large towering place that overlooked the entire city placed on the very place that the Aceda had first existed on the planet. Within this towering structure lived Cerenca Rioirerrek Sengorey Diaveras, Immortal of the Aceda species. Here he was raising the twelve children that would become the next generation of overlords in the future and replace the active overlord generation that was currently watching the different continents of the planet. It is also where his direct family lived, Senna Diaveras and his three direct children Serinus, his son, and his daughters Lumis and Larina. He almost found it tiring to have to raise fifteen different children, thirteen of which were not born of himself, but he had done such so many times that he could now raise them all and not feel overwhelmed. It was his pleasure to be a father and he enjoyed every moment he spent with each child of his. He was happy that the Aceda had been granted the fortune to have peace for the last three generations.

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