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Rules of the RP Empty Rules of the RP

Post  Diaveras on Fri May 13, 2011 6:37 pm

The rules of the RP.

1. When in conflict/battle with another person's character/species you cannot make moves that you do not give your opponent a chance to react to.
Ex1(Illegal): Character A and Character B are in battle. 1st post: Character A attacks and instantly knocks out character B. ILLEGAL MOVE!
Ex2(Legal): 1st post: Character A throws a punch at character B. 2nd post: Character B dodges and the punch almost misses him but he manages to keep his focus through the pain in his jaw.)

2. All moves cannot be avoided between characters/parties in conflict.
Ex1(Illegal): Character A has fought character B in a long and intense battle. Character B has fought this battle with ease having taken no attacks or damage or even came into contact with one of character A's attacks and will inevitably win this battle no matter what character A does. ILLEGAL easily responded to with loss of posting privileges.)
Ex2(Legal): Character A and Character B have both fought a long and intense battle. Both combatants are tired and weak from taking each other's attacks and the winner could be either of them.

3. No trolling. This should be obvious but that doesn't mean people are always able to follow it. If you are intentionally irritating another member of the community you will be quickly responded to with a warning or loss of privileges that will prevent continuation of your acts. (As is the aim of all punishments.)

4. When posting your registry profile for your species you must wait until it receives administrator approval before that species can be used even if it is your primary species. If an administrator finds a problem with your species or sees empty fields that need to be filled then please cooperate and edit your registry profile accordingly.

5. No uber species/characters. This cannot be stressed enough! If anything is too overpowered it will be put through heavy changes before it can be approved. Administrators will have it changed until they see it as fairly powered. This rule only does not apply in one situation and one situation alone. Species/characters meant only for story purposes, the story of these characters/species ending with their destruction/death. Except in that one situation does this rule ALWAYS apply to EVERYONE.

6. No double posting in conflicts. this means that after you make a post the next post (excluding dice roll result posts.) must be from a different user unless it is a OOC (Out of Context) post, which means it has no effect on the conflict at all.

7. No flaming. This includes racism, sexism, discrimination or raging. You will be warned only once and further violations will result in ban, No exceptions.

8. Killing off another member's species/character without permission. Only when a person will allow their character/species to die can someone else kills that species/character. Killing your own character/species is allowed. (it does belong to you, after all.) Violation of this rule easily results in loss of posting privilege or banning.

9. Disturbing the RPing experience of other users in ways that are not described in the rules yet are still unacceptable. This rule, obviously, can be responded to with whatever action appropriate. Actions against violators will be decided upon by a majority decision between all active administrators and/or those given authority to take part in said decision.

These rules are set in place with everyone's RPing experience in mind. Violations will result in varying punishments depending on the violation in question and how much it has disturbed the community of this forum. All first violations by a user will be responded to with a warning. Second violation will be responded to with either another warning or limitation of a user's posting capabilities. Further violations will result in punishments ranging from removal of posting privilege to permanent ban of both IP and Email, if need be.

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